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Omicron - Dividend-Issuing Cryptocurrency -15% IAO discount til 9/9 @10PM EST

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by vindyne8, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. vindyne8

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    Find more information on the Signature Campaign here.

    What is Omicron?

    Omicron (OMC) is a digital blockchain-based asset that accrues interest through two mechanisms: minting and BTC dividends. It is the first step towards having an unbanked investment world where an independent digital currency asset yields returns in an alternate medium of exchange. OMC plans to be a major inflation and investment vehicle for the cryptocurrency community as well as various brick-and-mortar entities.

    Taking the first step towards an unbanked society

    The core principle of Omicron's investment platform is to allow investors to own a digital asset that adds value to itself- just like shares in a dividend-issuing company. Easily transferable for a quick turnover without the need of intermediary brokers, the OMC asset will be the choice dividend vehicle for investors around the globe. Biweekly dividends ensure that no matter the price of the asset, the asset owner always will receive a 0.00001% share of the dividend pool, per Omicron, every 2 weeks.

    How are BTC dividend-yields accrued and issued?

    BTC dividends will be funded every 2 weeks through trading on the volatile altcoin market as well as lending capital for margin-trading exchanges (stable interest). The loan interest guarantees a biweekly issuance of dividends, while the altcoin trading revenue is a major bonus, many times greater than loan yields. The trading yields aren't guaranteed biweekly as there may be an occurrence where there is a net loss during the timeframe. A minimum balance of 10,000 OMC in an address will be required to qualify for dividend yields. A BTC address must be associated with the OMC address, which will be done through the main website, and soon through the Omicron client itself.


    Transparency and Solvency

    Trust is a major issue in the unregulated industry that cryptocurrency is. The Omicron investment platform will prove solvency biweekly, by revealing copies of trading summaries, balance statements, and further evidence that OMC is solvent and paying from revenue, not from capital. Independent audits by high profile members of the Bitcoin community will be allowed every 2-3 months to make sure that data provided biweekly is accurate and not forged or modified in any way.

    Quick turnover and a market

    Omicron will be the first dividend-issuing asset that will be able to be traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The quick turn over on exchanges will make OMC a superior investment vehicle than any existing dividend-issuing company today. Issuing dividends at a faster rate than most businesses, the market will be fast paced and a choice asset to trade as daytraders make their moves on dividend performance. As OMC adds value to itself through continuous dividend payouts, long term holders of the asset will experience a steady increase to the value of their investment as well as pocketing biweekly revenue.


    A copy of the general summary of the Prospectus can be found here.


    Omicron will undergo a round of funding up to a maximum of 1,116 BTC. At a base price of 0.00012000 BTC per asset, 9,300,000 Omicron will be available to purchase through the main website with discount tiers available for the first 9 days of the 2-week Initial Asset Offering. More details can be found on the website: www.delta.investments.

    Technical specifications

    Omicron will be a blockchain based asset, and a clone of Bitcoin. Minting through the wallet will yield 5%/annum, compounding on a daily basis. The clients that will be released on Sept 17 will have a fresh overhaul to the interface, and there will be future modifications to add simplicity to OMC-BTC address linkage and addtional add-ons. Fullstack developers will be paid and employed to implement said features. The main focus of Omicron is to provide a suitable and superior investment vehicle than dividend-issuing companies. With this in mind, there will be no brand new technical developments made for OMC. Modifications will be ported from other cryptocurrency clients to keep OMC top of the line.



    Other links


    Additional details

    There is additional details on the IAO of Omicron, such as fund manager information, further explanations, and an IAO purchase page. Please visit www.delta.investments for more details. The full prospectus will be available on the 3rd of September.

    Kindest regards,
    Adam Trat
    Founder and fund manager


    IAO Address: 1E2b2ZGKrKLBnbUmc5eqZYfazsqGPhLKye
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
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    vindyne8 Quarker

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    vindyne8 Quarker

    OP has been updated with new stuff, IAO is LIVE, and final prospectus can be seen here:

  5. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    Final 24hrs of 25% discount!
    8.6071224 BTC raised so far.
  6. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

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